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Release TBA (To Be Announced), this game is unavailable.
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About Total Havoc

Total Havoc is a fast paced FPS game that offers loads of fun across many maps and modes. A true must play for all FPS enthusiasts. Where FPS meets two worlds and teleportation amongst them. Rotating the fighting.
Total Havoc is an fast paced online FPS game that features tons of content and unlocks. Total Havoc has many game modes with loads of fun. With many ranks to grind towards and weapon challenges to complete, the fun is endless in Total Havoc. Total Havoc features servers with up to 12 players, and multiple maps at launch. We only plan to add additional content throughout TH's lifecycle. Request access to playtest We need as many of you as possible to gather as much feedback and bug reports as we can. Don't hesitate, request access! Game modes from Total Havoc:
  • Team War

  • War

  • Domination

  • Capture & Hold

  • Search & Destroy

Many weapons to choose from from various categories:
  • Assault Rifles

  • Submachine Guns

  • Snipers

  • Shotguns

  • Pistols

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Developed by Vertex Studios.

Published by Vertex Studios.

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