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Talk about anything (memes, videos, music, games etc). If you don't know where to post something, most likely it belongs here.» Latest thread: Want to make your own video games? (My Top 10 Game... by WulfGamesYT (8 months ago).

Giveaways, Deals, Bundles & Freebies19 POSTS7 THREADS

Enter our giveaways, see our exclusive deals and search for amazing game bundles. You may also see the odd few freebies available.» Latest thread: Giving away x3 FREE copies of Tom Clancy's Rainbow... by WulfGamesYT (2 months ago).

Official Game News & Updates1 POSTS1 THREADS

Official news (updates) of video games. Follow games on NEXARDA to get notifications of updates for the games you love!» Latest thread: What on earth is this category? by WulfGamesYT (8 months ago).

Top Plays, Clips & Montages0 POSTS0 THREADS

Share your top plays, clips and montage videos when playing games. Let's see how awesome you can be!» No threads or posts in this category.

Game Tutorials, Tricks & Tips1 POSTS1 THREADS

Game tutorials, tricks and tips from fellow gamers to help you out if you need.» Latest thread: Roblox - FPSUNLOCKER by localtopfragger (7 months ago).

PC Building & Hardware10 POSTS2 THREADS

Showcase your PC builds, help people when buying new hardware or PC's and share deals on hardware/builds.» Latest thread: Intel VS AMD by Paint (8 months ago).


News & Announcements2 POSTS2 THREADS

The latest official news for everything NEXARDA. Including website updates, community announcements and staff changes.» Latest thread: The release of the Community Forum! 🎉 by WulfGamesYT (8 months ago).

Rules & Important Information4 POSTS4 THREADS

Please read the community forum rules and any other important threads in this category.» Latest thread: How to use the NEXARDA Discord Bot (Commands, Tips... by Paint (8 months ago).

Feedback & Suggestions1 POSTS1 THREADS

Post new ideas for the website and/or community forum. Give feedback to us and tell us how we can make our site better and vote for new features suggested by members. Feel free to also suggest games to add on our website for price comparison.» Latest thread: Information about the "Feedback & Suggestions" cat... by WulfGamesYT (2 months ago).

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