Community Guidelines


All registered NEXARDA users must read these guidelines from time to time, agree to them and continue to follow them. If users ignore or specifically break these rules we have in place then action will (and can) be taken against them and their NEXARDA account. These guidelines are in place to help keep the website safe and free from inappropriate content that visitors can see.

Review Guidelines

When a user posts a review for a game on our website, they must:
  1. Have played the game themselves for a decent amount of time.
  2. Keep the review to the point and ensure it's of reasonable length and quality.
  3. Ensure their review doesn't contain hyperlinks, IP's, passwords, emails or any user sensitive content.
  4. Ensure the review is original and not copied/modified from elsewhere.
  5. Not over use capital letters, phrases or symbols.
  6. Keep the review as fair as possible, and optionally provide useful feedback to the creators.
  7. Not include any inappropriate language (e.g. swearing, racism and hate speech).
  8. Not be posting the review to promote something that has no link to the creators or game itself.
  9. Not be posting the review on behalf of someone else or a company.

User Guidelines

A user must:
  1. Not upload an avatar containing inappropriate content (e.g. nudity, swearing and racism).
  2. Keep their bio appropriate, original and advert free.
  3. Not bully/harass other users registered on the website.
  4. Not abuse the report system and only use it in realistic and serious situations.

Last updated 15th August 2019 at 23:09 UTC.