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Stronghold Kingdoms

Released 28th February 2012, this game is free to play (jump in right now).

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About Stronghold Kingdoms

A massively multiplayer grand strategy game, Stronghold Kingdoms is about forging alliances, political mind games, city-building and castle sieges with thousands of other players!


Cast as a feudal lord or lady, players begin with a single village and keep. They must design and defend their castle before turning their eye to the rest of the country, Europe and the world! Whatever path they choose players will find strength in numbers as they band together, uniting with local Factions and player-led Houses.

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StrategyMedievalMassively MultiplayerBuildingCity BuilderActionRole PlayingFantasyOpen WorldWarSandboxSimulationCompetitiveReal-Time Strategy2D

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SingleplayerMultiplayer (Online)Co-Op/SplitscreenCrossplay

Developed by Firefly Studios.

Firefly Studios

Published by Firefly Studios.

Firefly Studios

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GAME NAME:Stronghold Kingdoms
RELEASE DATE:Released 28th February 2012
CURRENT PRICE:Prices range from $0.00 to $0.00 (quick jump)
DEVELOPERS:Firefly Studios
PUBLISHERS:Firefly Studios