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Sanctuary: Shattered Sun

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About Sanctuary: Shattered Sun

Sanctuary is a Traditional Real Time Strategy game featuring Strategic Zoom, Streaming Economy, Simulated Projectiles and Grand Scale. Take control of armies of hundreds upon hundreds of units and crush your enemies!
Sanctuary: Shattered Sun is real-time strategy on a grand scale, introducing never before seen mechanics such as earth-cracking superweapons and dynamic, map altering weather control. Freeze the ocean—and then drive your army over it, right into the heart of your enemy’s base! This fight for survival and supremacy takes place on the eponymous Sanctuary itself, a visually spectacular Dyson Sphere – a gargantuan, man-made structure that encircles the entire sun. GAMEPLAY Description Image Sanctuary’s gameplay appeals to lovers of old-school RTS titles, featuring tech levels, a “flow” economy, centrepiece command units, and upgrades. We also aim to build upon the genre with exciting innovations such as drone swarms. Sanctuary favors macro over micro, letting you focus on the bigger picture by making use of construction queues, saveable base templates, and even giving orders to units before they’ve finished building. SHATTERED SUN Description Image Think literal! If you succeed in building one of Sanctuary’s most expensive superweapons, you will gain the power to not only destroy your enemies, but the very map itself. Break the mechanical supports beneath the surface, and send your foes along with the very land they’ve built on tumbling into the sun. WEATHER CONTROL Description Image The high-tech Dyson Sphere has complete control over its own ecology. Some maps feature climate control systems that can be commandeered to snap-freeze the entire map. This dramatically changes where armies can travel, freezing ships and allowing land units to cross the frozen water. EPIC BATTLEFIELD Description Image Sanctuary makes use of physically simulated projectiles, immersing you in the middle of the war, leading to exciting, near-miss moments such as when a bomb accidentally lands on a plane mid-flight instead of on target. Players can expect to control up to 10,000 units brawling it out on 40 km by 40 km battlegrounds. The game's camera with Strategic Zoom lets you control everything from a single screen: survey the entire map from orbit, or zoom in to admire the rivets on your light scout vehicle. A UNIQUE UNIVERSE Description Image The year is 2758 and the near complete megastructure known as Sanctuary embraces the Sun. This gargantuan, multifaceted metal-platform now shelters over a trillion lives. Alas, Sanctuary is far from the idealised paradise it was meant to be. War ravaged shells of cities stand exposed to the darkness of space, looming over scorched earth and barren wastelands – painful reminders of better days, long past. In Sanctuary: Shattered Sun you can choose from one of three factions fighting for domination of the Dyson Sphere, the EDA, the Chosen, or the Guard. Each faction uses different tactics, weapons, and units to achieve a single goal: to reign triumphant over the solar system. HIGH PERFORMANCE Description Image Bringing the RTS into the modern era of performance, Sanctuary is built upon the cutting edge hyper performant Unity DOTS framework, allowing 10,000 units in a single match.

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Developed by Enhearten Media.

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Published by Enhearten Media.


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Storage (Size):25GB available space
Memory (RAM):16GB RAM
Processor (CPU):8-core 3Ghz
Graphics Card (GPU):GTX 1080


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TBA (To Be Announced)

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Name:Sanctuary: Shattered Sun
Release Date:TBA (To Be Announced)
Current Price:Unavailable (Compare Prices)
Official Website:
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Developer:Enhearten Media
Publisher:Enhearten Media

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