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About Rogue Command

Classic RTS gameplay fused with a modern roguelike. Shape your build each run by assembling an evolving arsenal of powerful units and facilities. Harvest resources, build out your base. Raise your army and call down powerful strikes to overcome the forces threatening your survival.
THE RTS… Rogue Command is first and foremost a classic RTS game. Control your units, build your base, harvest resources, explore the map, defend positions and come up with a plan of attack.But instead of learning your build orders by heart, everytime you start a run you are faced with a new challenge to come up with a build. …ROGUELIKE After each battle, you choose from blueprint cards, adding new buildings to your tech tree. Unit factories, defensive turrets, healing spires or powerful super weapons - each choice shapes your build. Acquire powerful single use Drops that can shift the tides of battle. Add upgrades to your blueprints to broaden their abilities and enable powerful and surprising combos. WORLDS OF POSSIBILITIES Lure the enemy into fog that slows them to a crawl or stun them by blowing up static bushes. Surprise the enemy by attacking in the shroud of a sandstorm or wait for a rainstorm to tackle powerful enemies reliant on burning damage. Discover chests with power-ups. Dig up hidden artifacts to boost your research. Uncover ruins with hidden technologies that might be the key to victory… or full of unwanted surprises. ASCEND BEYOND Keep discovering new builds by unlocking new units, buildings and modificators.The game will keep you challenged. A first win is only the start. Keep pushing through unlocked difficulty iterations to make your way to the final challenge. WHAT AWAITS YOU
  • Blending classic RTS gameplay with modern roguelikes

  • Unlock and discover over a hundred units, buildings, upgrades and hacks.

  • Call down powerful strikes or buffs with single use orbital Drops.

  • Create crazy new synergies each time to conquer the challenge

  • Explore more than 20 map types with distinct events and hazards

  • Overcome a huge variety of different enemy types

  • Slow down the battle at any time to get an overview of the situation

THE GALAXY HAS FALLEN, BUT HOPE STILL GLIMMERS The Planetary Core Extraction Corporation (PCX) has taken over the galaxy, ravaging star system after star system in pursuit of a long forgotten purpose. You play the Engineer, a PCX mining and construction bot. On a seemingly normal work day you unfortunately gain consciousness, which is not appreciated. And is cause for extermination. So you set out to fight back and survive. Don’t get discouraged by defeat. Use what you learned and persist to lead the Engineer to victory.

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Developed by Feneq.

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Published by Feneq.


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Operating System (OS):Windows
Storage (Size):2GB available space
DirectX Version:Version 12


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Rogue Command is currently available on the following platforms:

  • PC

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Rogue Command is releasing:

TBA (To Be Announced)

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Name:Rogue Command
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