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Infinity: BattlescapeEARLY ACCESS
Released 27th September 2019, prices start at $34.99 USD.
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What It's All About About Infinity: Battlescape
Infinity: Battlescape is a multiplayer space-combat game taking place across a massive, true-to-scale procedurally generated star system that is 100% seamless (no loading screens). Multiple corporate factions are fighting for control of a solar system in a war involving hundreds of players, potentially more than a thousand per-server ( without instancing ), that can last from hours to days. Coordinate with other players to destroy enemy infrastructure around strategic locations, referred to as Battlescape's, across a wide range of gorgeous environments including barren moons, gas giants, volcanic planets, asteroid rings, and more.


Participate in space and planetary battles of massive proportions like those seen in movies such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Serenity. It's not unusual in Battlescape to hop from battle to battle, some of them involving hundreds of ships. Climb the competitive ladder, gain ranks, and complete side missions to support the war effort in your own way.

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SimulationActionMassively MultiplayerSci-FiIndieSpaceFlight

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First PersonThird PersonMultiplayer (Online)Co-Op/SplitscreenController Support

Developed by I-Novae Studios.

I-Novae Studios

Published by I-Novae Studios.

I-Novae Studios

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GAME NAME:Infinity: Battlescape
RELEASE DATE:Released 27th September 2019
CURRENT PRICE:Prices range from $34.99 to $34.99 (quick jump)
DEVELOPERS:I-Novae Studios
PUBLISHERS:I-Novae Studios