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Release TBA (To Be Announced), this game is unavailable.
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Flame Keeper is dynamic action rogue-lite game with stylized graphic and responsive combat system. Explore various lands, fight enemies, gather energy and keep fire burning.
As Ignis - piece of charcoal, bringed to life by magic spark from ancient flame, your destiny is bring back energy balance in land corrupted by evil creatures.

Source of light, heat and life. Hated by borned in shadows creatures. You must defend what's left of it and restore it to its former glory.

The whole land is filled with same energy that fuels eternal fire. Find it and bring it back to the source. But be careful. This same energy keeps you alife, so don't give all back, keep some for further adventures.

Complete stages and collect shards that will make you stronger. Use them to upgrade your hero and create own unique build fitted to your playstyle.

While exploring world you will find different creatures. Some of them are more dangerous than other. Find their weakness and learn how to fight with them using different abilities.

Enjoy your stay in grim and dark world, where Ignis is trying to sustain the eternal fire.

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Developed by Mind in Mess.

Published by Mind in Mess.

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Name:Flame Keeper
Release Date:TBA (To Be Announced)
Current Price:Unavailable (Quick Jump)
Official Website:https://www.mindinmess.com/
Developer:Mind in Mess
Publisher:Mind in Mess

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