Content Warning: the new must-play funny indie horror game from Landfall Games.

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Content Warning
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JOIN THE SPOOKTUBERS: EMBRACE THE TERROR Calling all horror enthusiasts with a knack for online stardom! Say goodbye to pricey gear and haunted house rentals – Landfall's latest creation, Content Warning, offers a spine-tingling opportunity to chase fame in the most spine-chilling way imaginable.
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Released 1st April 2024 Content Warning

Film your friends doing scary things to become SpöökTube famous! (strongly advised to not go alone).

SURVIVE AND THRIVE: THE ULTIMATE BALANCING ACT In this collaborative horror comedy experience, bid farewell to traditional ghost-hunting tropes and instead embody the role of SpookTubers – influencers armed not with sage and EVP recorders, but with diving bells and a single camera. Prepare to delve into the depths of a forgotten, eerie realm where every shadow hides a potential nightmare. Your objective? To capture the most bone-chilling footage that will have your viewers glued to their screens in terror! DIVE INTO THE ABYSS: SCREAM-INDUCING ENTERTAINMENT Content Warning strikes the perfect balance between uproarious laughter and heart-pounding terror. Imagine the intensity of Phasmophobia, but with a DIY twist and a generous sprinkle of dark humor that mercilessly satirizes the influencer lifestyle. In this game, you'll need to juggle your dwindling oxygen supply, depleting camera battery, and perhaps even your own mortality (as well as that of your companions) as you navigate treacherous terrain, evading otherworldly beings and documenting every heart-stopping moment for your audience. IMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS: VISUAL TERROR This satirical co-op horror comedy promises endless hours of scream-inducing, giggle-filled entertainment. So gather your bravest friends, charge up your cameras, and prepare to plunge into a world where every scream is worth its weight in likes and shares. After all, in the realm of SpookTube, the only thing scarier than the monsters lurking in the shadows is the insatiable thirst for online fame!" The graphical prowess of the game shines through in its depiction of eerie lighting effects and atmospheric nuances. As you navigate through dimly lit hallways and murky waters, the play of light and shadow will keep you on edge, never knowing what sinister entity might lurk just beyond your field of vision. CONCLUSION Content Warning offers a chilling experience where every frame tells a story and every pixel is imbued with dread. So, prepare to dive into the heart of darkness with your diving bell secured and your camera at the ready. In this twisted world of SpookTube, seeing is believing – but remember, in the end, survival is everything. Dare to venture forth, capture the terror, and emerge victorious as the ultimate SpookTuber!

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