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Before we created Game Science, we felt that the gaming industry seemed far less of a science at home (analogy to the communications industry or the computer industry) and was riddled with a wide range of success studies that were pushed back by current successful products. Although artistic creation has its free sensient side, we would prefer to be able to slowly answer questions such as "How to build a more realistic field environment as each project develops and practices." ""How does the task tell a story to generate a sense of generation" "What are the elements of a good sense of strike?" ""What's the difference between a good level and a boring level?" Such a big problem. We are willing to carefully analyze the most outstanding benchmark products in this field, actively learn the latest technological achievements, and explore the inner principles of the interactive entertainment experience that impress people. Truth is infinite, into an inch has an inch of joy. So why is it called game science? Because games, like other industries, are a rigorous discipline inspired by 99 per cent diligence and 1 per cent, rather than a gambler's business that follows bets.
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