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Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit

Released 2nd November 2007, this game is unavailable.

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About Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit

Fans of arcade-racing-action watch out, Crash Time hits the fast lane! Daring stunts, spectacular crashes, thrilling criminal cases. All fans of the racing genre will easily fall in love with the newest creation of Synetic, the well-known specialists for furious racing games. Various exciting cases await the palyer as part of the Cobra 11 police force. Solving them requires several diverse missions to be successfully completed. Be it helicopter chases, jumps across moving trains ro reconnaissance runs in tanks, top notch entertainment is guaranteed.

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Age Rating IconCrash Time: Autobahn Pursuit is rated ESRB Teen.
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These are a list of genres and tags that we applied to this game.

DrivingRacingPoliceCrimeDifficultOpen WorldSimulation

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First PersonThird PersonSingleplayerMultiplayer (Online)Co-Op/SplitscreenController Support

Developed by Synetic GmbH.

Synetic GmbH

Published by RTL Playtainment and Crave Entertainment.

RTL PlaytainmentCrave Entertainment

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GAME NAME:Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit
RELEASE DATE:Released 2nd November 2007
CURRENT PRICE:Prices range from $-99.00 to $-99.00 (quick jump)
PUBLISHERS:RTL Playtainment, Crave Entertainment