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Command & Conquer

Released 26th September 1995, this game is unavailable.
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About Command & Conquer

When a new and powerful mineral, the Tiberium, is discovered, two organizations start a war for its control: the criminal Brotherhood of NOD and the UN-derived GDI forces.

There are 2 bundles that include Command & Conquer:

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Developed by Westwood Studios.

Published by Virgin Interactive and Nintendo.

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VIEW ALL 13 GAMES IN THIS FRANCHISE (SERIES)Part of the Command & Conquer franchise (series).

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Name:Command & Conquer
Franchise:Command & Conquer
Release Date:26th September 1995 (26/09/1995)
Current Price:Unavailable (Quick Jump)
Official Website:
Official Wiki:
Age Rating:ESRB Teen
Developer:Westwood Studios
Publishers:Virgin Interactive, Nintendo

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