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Released 17th May 2022, this game is unavailable.

About Apex Legends Mobile

Launch yourself into the immersive Apex Legends™ universe! Team up in tactical battle royale shooting games featuring Legendary character-based gameplay, best-in-class squad battles, and fast-paced combat.
Online multiplayer game allows you to join forces with friends and compete with other mobile players. Enter the battle game royale, combine each Legend's unique skills, synergize plays, and dominate the Apex Games. Battle Royale matches, Arena PvP combat & legendary squad play await. Epic action games wait in Apex - Download today!

Game Age Ratings (For Parents)

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Game Genres & Tags (9)

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Game Features (2)

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Game Developers (2)

Developed by LightSpeed Studios and Respawn Entertainment.

Game Publisher (1)

Published by Electronic Arts.


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Which platforms can I play/activate this game on?

Apex Legends Mobile is currently available on the following platforms:

  • Android

  • iOS

When was this video game released?

Apex Legends Mobile was released:

17th May 2022

Please note: This is the worldwide release date, it may have released earlier in specific regions or for people with access to special editions of the game.

Who are the companies behind this video game?

There are 3 companies which have created Apex Legends Mobile, here is a full list of credited developers and publishers:


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Is this video game part of a series/franchise?

Yes, it most certainly is! Apex Legends Mobile is part of the following video game franchises:

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Name:Apex Legends Mobile
Franchise:Apex Legends
Release Date:17th May 2022 (17/05/2022)
Current Price:Unavailable (Compare Prices)
Platforms:Android, iOS
Official Website:https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/apex-legends-mobile
Official Wiki:https://apexlegends.fandom.com/wiki/Apex_Legends_Mobile
Developers:LightSpeed Studios, Respawn Entertainment
Publisher:Electronic Arts

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