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We started as 2 people making Radical stuff to do with video games back in 2017, but now we’re a sharp, adaptive and daring company. Leaping from strength to strength, inspiring the already strong and growing game development hub within the Middlesbrough region. Radical Forge have pushed, grown and succeeded since their formation to become an established name within the game development industry as a place of creativity, innovation and adventure. Handling many projects across multiple platforms including PC, Xbox, PS4, Oculus Quest, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. We have several years of experience on a vast range of indie and externally published titles as well as tirelessly working away on our first original IP “Bright Paw”. We’re passionate about dedicating every day to pushing our creative limits, and we can’t wait to share more of our work with the world.
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Bright Paw
Bright PawReleased 1st September 2020
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