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We are "Lazy Bear Games"- a small indie game studio based Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Studio was founded 6 years ago by two friends as "Game Jam Studio" and changed its name to "Lazy Bear Games" in April 2015. We started game development as a hobby and now it is our full-time job. We are about 30 years old, so we spent our childhood in the era of NES/Sega consoles, TMNT cartoon series and movies with S.Stallone, A.Schwarzenegger, J.K.Vandam spread on VHS cassettes. We love that era and want to make a game full of nostalgia and different references to the culture of that time. We are big fans of strategic games of all kinds. So, we decided to mix these 2 things and the idea of "VHS Story" came out.
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Graveyard Keeper
Graveyard KeeperReleased 15th August 2018
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