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Armature Studio is located in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2008 by key developers of the acclaimed Metroid Prime franchise. We’ve had the honor of working on some of the most legendary game franchises, such as Borderlands, Batman, Metal Gear Solid, and Fortnite, and partnered with some of the industry’s biggest publishers and developers including: Epic Games, WBIE, Microsoft, Sony, Riot Games, Oculus Studios, Adult Swim Games, Sega, and Konami. Armature is also well respected for developing our own original IPs, such as ReCore and Dead Star and VR favorites Fail Factory! and Sports Scramble. At our core, we’re all gamers – passionate about playing and making great games and focused on crafting unique and inclusive experiences. Whether it be our own project, or paired with publishers and development partners, the goal for Armature has always been to create compelling, high end gaming experiences.
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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
Batman: Arkham Origins BlackgateReleased 25th October 2013
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