Terms & Conditions

Section 1: Introduction & Declarations

This is a terms of service agreement between you and NEXARDA. If you find something you disagree with in our terms please discontinue use of our website. We (NEXARDA) will be refering to you (the visitor) as "you", "visitor" and/or "user". At the end of the day we're just a price comparison website for video games and we're not affiliated with any developers/publishers of games, neither are we affiliated with any of the game stores. We use affiliate links and display adverts on our website to earn money and we're just helping people save money when buying video games.

Section 2: Liability

We are not responsible for:
  1. The content shown in video games and their trailers/promotional videos.
  2. Any financial or physical loss/damage due to purchasing games on external game stores.
  3. The images chosen by users as their profile avatars.
  4. The content put into reviews posted by users on our website. 1

Section 3: Games Not Allowed On The Website

We'll put pretty much any game on our website so our users can compare prices for it so long as it:

Section 4: Developer & Publisher Rights

If you're a game publisher or developer and your game/franchise is listed on our website and you don't want it here, feel free to email us at support@nexarda.com and we'll talk further about your request. We'll need verification that you or your company actually owns the legal rights to the game(s)/franchise(s). 2

Section 5: Affiliate Links

For each game, on the "Buy This Game" tab some links will be affiliate links which still link to the actual product, but mean we earn a percentage of revenue from your purchase of the game through that site (if you choose to buy it). You can see the list of stores and marketplaces we earn commission from on our Stores & Marketplaces page.

Section 6: General Disclaimer & Clarifications

Details about games and developers/publishers shown on our website are for information purposes only and available to everyone for free, we're not responsible for the games/companies listed on our website.

To clarify some things:

Section 7: Footnotes

  1. Our site moderators will do their best to constantly moderate reviews to keep the website appropriate for users of all ages.
  2. You will need to email us containing some proof of you or your company having the rights to the game you want removing, if we feel it's not enough then we will keep the game on our site or make an effort to contact the publishers/developers directly just to confirm.

Section 8: Third Party Content

We use some third party content on our website to make it faster and better for users/visitors. Here is the list of external libraries and third party content we have on our website:
  1. The free version of Linearicons for profile badge icons.
  2. The free version of Font Awesome for all other icons.
  3. SweetAlert2 for the dialogs you see on the website.
  4. Tippy.js for the little hover boxes you see on the website.

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