General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

01. GDPR & Members In The EU

We have a privacy policy available that follows the rules set by the GDPR, you can view that here.

Currently, we don't have a Data Protection Officer (DPO), but if you want to get in contact with us about anything regarding the GDPR and your rights, please send us an email at and we'll reply as soon as we can.

Automated decisions are made when we send out emails as part of The NEXARDA Newsletter to all users, we basically find games similar to what the users follow, and we tailor each email to contain the games and prices of games based on what the user follows.

02. Your Rights Under The GDPR

The right to be informed: Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

The right of access: You can see the information we collect in our Privacy Policy under Section 1. You can also see your information like your email, username and newsletter settings on your account settings page. To see information that others see about you, visit your profile page using the dropdown to the top right on the navigation bar when logged in. You can make your profile private on your account settings page which will hide your bio, followed games, followed studios and the games in your wish list.

The right to rectification: You can update your information on your account settings page if it's incorrect, please note that you can't change your email - you will need to delete your account and register a new account with your new email address. Information you update will be updated in our databases.

The right to erasure: As mentioned in our Privacy Policy you can delete your account, please refer to Section 6 in that policy for information and instructions about deleting your account.

The right to restrict processing: If there is a legal dispute or case currently ongoing we can by all means temporarily stop processing your information, but if you're concerned too much please contact us at

The right to data portability: If you want a downloadable version of your account and information please email us at - this may take a while to process so please bare with us. Eventually we may introduce a way of downloading a ZIP folder containing your information on your account settings page, but for now it's all to be done manually.

The right to object: If you don't want your data to be processed anymore then you're able to completely delete your account and erase all data from our servers.

Rights related to automated decision making and profiling: If you don't want automated decision making to happen for you or your profile, simply opt out of The NEXARDA Newsletter. Last updated 15th January 2020 at 17:14 UTC.