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Find the lowest prices for the games you want. Compare prices of over 200 games for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and Oculus platforms. Get email alerts of price drops, make the only Wish List you'll ever need and see game, bundle and downloadable content prices from over 30 trusted game stores and marketplaces, updated hourly.

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The last Wish List you'll ever need!

Add games from any platform (e.g. Steam, Microsoft Store, Origin, Uplay, GOG) to your single Wish List on NEXARDA to buy them at a price you'll be happy with. Get email alerts of price drops for any games in your Wish List. No more will you be waiting for a sale to happen on the platform you have it in your Wish List on, you'll be able to see sales and low prices from all the stores and marketplaces selling the game you want.

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Coupon codes for everyone, yay!

No more do you have to search online for coupon codes that may or may not work. We regularly check for coupon codes from game stores and marketplaces. We even have NEXARDA coupon codes you can use at some stores and marketplaces and a dedicated page for seeing all the current coupon codes right here.

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See your favourite franchises!

You can see all games in each franchise, we've got a global database containing every game and franchise. We're constantly adding new games and franchises to keep it up to date. We're trying to make it as easy as possible for people to see all games in each franchise.

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All your favourite game studios in one place!

If you enjoy the games a developer or publisher makes and want to get notified when they release new games you can follow them with your NEXARDA account and get email alerts! You can also see all their current games on their own studio pages. Our goal is to help developers and publishers showcase their games to as many gamers as possible and help them sell their games to all for affordable prices.

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Write game reviews and see user ratings!

Write reviews for the games you play and enjoy, give feedback to developers where they'll be able to see your reviews in one place rather than on all the individual platforms like Steam and Xbox. Share your experiences and convince others if games are worth buying.

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Join the community and share anything you want!

Our Community Forum is currently being built and when it's ready you'll be able to share game deals and freebies with everyone, give feedback to us to help us improve our site and read the latest news and announcements. It'll be a place to chill out and engage with everyone. We hope to see you there soon!

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Let's answer some questions for you.

What game stores do you fetch prices from?

We fetch prices from trusted game stores and marketplaces including Humble Store, Steam, GOG, Origin, GamersGate, Eneba, Fanatical, Green Man Gaming and Microsoft Store. For the full list of game stores and marketplaces we fetch prices from please visit our Stores & Marketplaces page. For a list of coupon codes and daily deals, please visit our Coupons, Daily Deals & Freebies page.

What are "Trusted Reviewers"?

Trusted Reviews are hand-picked users and companies that write reviews professionally and frequently - their reviews will be featured on game pages. Typically the reviews they write are more in depth and honest than standard user reviews.

I can't load the website in Internet Explorer. Why?

We've decided to drop support for Internet Explorer because we want to focus on adding cool functionality to our site, rather than wasting time supporting an outdated web browser. We build and test our website so it will work fine on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera (to ensure full functionality make sure you have the latest browser versions).

Why don't you support my currency?

We fetch prices from game stores and marketplaces in the 4 most popular currencies each of them seem to have in common (some stores don't have currencies like PLN, ROL, SEK, VND & INR), we only fetch prices in GBP, EUR, USD & JPY. Some stores have their own currency rates so even if we convert from EUR for example the price will be incorrect. You can use a browser addon or feature to convert prices on our website to your exact local currency if you feel the need to.

Why does a game that I want have no prices?

If you find a game that you want has no prices please contact us and we'll take a look at all the stores and marketplaces we compare prices from to see who is selling it. If you want to request a game please contact us as well, thank you.

Do you sell games, if so how do I buy?

We don't sell games, we're a price comparison site that fetches prices of games from external game stores and marketplaces - you can use our website to compare the prices of the games you want. We link directly to the game stores for you to then buy.

What are profile badges?

When users reach certain milestones (like getting a certain amount of followers) unlock badges. The way in which these badges work is that, if we had an example: you reach 50 followers, the badge for 50 followers will unlock but if you then have less than 50 followers the badge will no longer appear on your profile page.

Is there an API so I can show prices on my site?

Our website can't be loaded in Iframes due to security reasons - so you can't embed our website on your website/blog. We are thinking about making a documentation which has guides and links to our free API. Unfortunately it won't be available for commercial use.

I bought a game and I was scammed!?!?

Unfortunately, we can't help you with this issue. You will need to contact the game store or marketplace seller from who you bought the game from. We link directly to official trusted retailers like Origin and Microsoft Store so it's unlikely it's a scam. If you think there is a site we link to on our website that is scamming users please notify us by email: support@nexarda.com - thank you.

Can I work or volunteer for NEXARDA to become a staff member?

Currently we're not offering any paid jobs, it's all volunteer work to be a "Site Moderator". Please read this document for more information.


If you want to save money when buying video games, DLC and bundles, use our website. Our goal at the end of the day is to help you save as much money as possible whilst trying to help developers and studios sell more copies of their games.